Lash Lady Testimonials

   What the Girls Said


"Thank You" Lash Lady for my fab new lashes!!  They feel and look so natural.  It was so relaxing to get them done.  Thanks again!  Carla, Spring Hill,TN.


My lashes are fabulous...I haven't had to wear mascara since I got them done because they look so full and luscious as is!  Everyone has complimented me on them and because they look so natural, they are being mistaken for my own.  Getting them done was relaxing too.  Well worth the money - thanks again.   Anna, Thompson Station, TN


Love my lashes...definietly the "Wow" factor.  Robin made me feel so relaxed, I fell asleep.  When I woke up, my lashes looked AMAZING!  Stephanie, Franklin, TN


I LOVE my lashes!  Thank you.  Beverly, Franklin TN

Thanks Robin!  They're worth every penny.  I don't even need mascara.  Great looking lashes without the mess!    Debbie, Spring Hill, TN

Thanks for the lashes!  You do fantastic work! Karen, Brentwood, TN